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Small Changes

can make a

Huge Difference

Meet Jessica


Certified Holistic Health Coach, doTERRA essential oils educator, and DONA International-trained Birth Doula, Jessica's passion for health and wellness flows from her heart into everything she does.  


Jessica's own struggles with wellness and infertility are the reason that she is so passionate about helping others.  She knows the frustration and helplessness of less-than-optimal health and how overwhelming it can be to find the answers you're looking for.  She also knows the sacredness and importance of birth and how meaningful it is to have as positive an experience as possible when bringing new life into the world.

In whatever capacity you may work with her, Jessica ensures that you will feel heard, cared for, and valued as an individual. Each person is different and thats one of the things she loves most about her job - each day is a new adventure! 


Health Coach

Are you tired of yo-yo diets?  Tired of hearing that you need to lose weight with no practical advice on how to do that? Frustrated with all the conflicting advice out there on what is good for you or not?


Through education, gentle accountability, encouragement, resources, and more, I empower YOU to make the changes you desire, feel better naturally, and have the healthy life you've always dreamed of.

Essential Oils

Looking for natural options like essential oils to support your health and wellbeing?  Look no further!  

doTERRA essential oils are natural compounds found in plants that have an amazing ability to support our many body systems and help keep us healthy!


They are safe, affordable, and easy to use.  And they have an amazing ability to work on virtually everybody! 

Birth Doula

As your birth doula, I teach you and your partner comfort measures and relaxation techniques to help you through labor.  


I am by your side supporting you emotionally and physically and helping your partner do the same so that you can focus on having the best birth possible and getting your baby safely and peacefully into your arms.